How to Use Feng Shui Colors

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Using Feng Shui Colors

Colors are the most prominent factor in Feng Shui. They are what you first see when you walk into the room. You don't notice the elements, if at all, until after your eyes take in the color scheme. Professional decorators know how to use colors to achieve different effects. But in Feng Shui, the effect on the eyes is a secondary concern. Colors are arranged by the Bagua map, for the express purpose of directing spiritual energy towards specific areas of your life.

Doesn't that strike you as odd? Shouldn't the way the room looks be the first, if not only, concern? If your goal is artful design, yes. But if you are attempting to harness spiritual power and direct it towards your own material benefit, then you can hardly consider yourself an artist. Why, then, would any serious decorator even give the slightest consideration to Feng Shui? The answer, of course, is customer demand.

People who want their homes decorated in accordance with Feng Shui are seeking to channel supernatural power to their aid. Many are not even certain the supernatural power exists – but they are at least acknowledging that it might be real, and, in case it is, they want to get it working for them. The first thing they usually focus on are the colors instructed by the Bagua map.
And that’s the trap door being sprung. The moment you begin to place hope in certain colors being in particular parts of your home as a factor for spiritual blessings, you are exercising a degree of faith. Faith is a powerful force. It can be a good thing if properly directed. When improperly directed, it will likely be your ruin. It is a fact that some people consciously worship Satan, as difficult as that is to imagine. But most are subjects of his kingdom unconsciously. They do it out of sheer neglect for their spiritual condition.
The Bible clearly teaches that supernatural power is available through allegiance to demonic forces. In the book of Exodus, the Pharaoh’s magicians could match many of the miraculous signs God had Moses perform. King Saul sought the help of a witch in the book of 1 Samuel, though it was strictly forbidden by God and even by his own laws. In the New Testament, we meet a sorcerer named Simon in the book of Acts chapter 8. 
Simon the sorcerer was an interesting character. While his demonic power held the local people bewitched, he found himself jealous of the Apostles’ power to heal and to have the Holy Spirit fall upon converts with power manifested through signs. So much so that Simon professed conversion, and was even baptized. But then we see the true condition of his heart when he offers money to Peter in exchange for the power to administer the falling upon of the Holy Spirit. Peter sharply rebukes him, informing Simon that his heart is not right with God. Simon then asks Peter to pray for him, and that’s the last we hear of him in scripture. We can only hope his request for Peter’s prayers was genuine.
Simon was only a convert because he thought it could get him something carnal: power and fame. Sadly, some people today have the same attitude. If you are going to get right with God, you must come to him with shattered pride. God receives those with a broken spirit who humble themselves before Him. You must be sincere in your admittance that you are a sinner seeking forgiveness through the sacrifice of Christ. Once done, the Bible tells us you have gained the right to become a child of God, and are then free to present your supplications – hopefully alongside your giving of gratitude. But you must trust God with your prayers, and further trust that His ultimate answer is best for you in the long run, whatever that is. (We are, however, encouraged to repeat our prayers as many times as we feel the need to.) You will probably find yourself praying with a different attitude once you get your heart right with God.
Feng Shui is a form of sorcery. If you would like more insights into the invisible spiritual war taking place all around us, I recommend the book on the right.

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