How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

...and the reasons why you want to

bedroom feng shui

So, you want Feng Shui in your bedroom. Why?

Did you know that Feng Shui says no TV in the bedroom? Now how do you think Doug Heffernan would reply to that? Probably the same way I do. When you walk into a bedroom that has been made Feng Shui compliant, it's impressive. It looks like a showroom model or something. It's also alluring. One can quite easily find themselves slipping into sexual fantasies and pondering full nights of deeply satisfying sleep. That is, after all, the selling point of bedroom Feng Shui.

But there are two practical problems one incurs when trying to convert the fantasy to reality. The first is that you are only human, and will never maintain your bedroom in that neat state. Not in a million years.

The second problem also has to do with our human nature – namely, our sinful nature. Those sexual fantasies a beautifully-presented bedroom naturally inspires in us are only sinful if your fantasy involves anyone except your opposite-sex spouse. Don’t shoot the messenger, please. I am just as guilty as the rest of us in this department. Sexual fantasies with one’s spouse just aren’t very stirring, as Doug Heffernan would be certain to agree with (judging by that one hilarious episode where he had to imagine his wife was deceased in order to not feel guilty over such indulgences).
Let me just say right here that I lived with my wife for eight years before finally marrying her, and this was while we both were professing Christians. The Holy Spirit took a while with that conviction in me, probably because we were not attending church together yet, and thus not receiving any spiritual nourishment. I remember that I started listening to a Christian radio station in an effort to get closer to God, and a sudden “mysterious” desire to marry my girlfriend became quite strong. At the time we had taken steps to Feng Shui our bedroom, and even had a little jade Buddha statue sitting on a stand in the corner. Meanwhile, the bed was never made and clothes were usually strewn all over the place. Our own attempts to keep a bedroom Feng Shui compliant failed miserably. We watched TV every night in bed together, as we still do, like I suspect most normal people do.
The desire to Feng Shui a bedroom is usually inspired by sexual fantasies, or else is just part of a plan to Feng Shui every room in a house. Either of these motives is problematic. Sexual fantasies are extremely difficult to realize, and almost always in opposition to God’s will for your life. The desire to Feng Shui an entire house is, frankly, an endeavor into the realm of witchcraft. Oh, it’s packaged nicely. Doesn’t seem evil at all from the outside, does it? But if you really believe in the power of chi (which may very well be real) and wish to harness it, you are looking to spiritual powers apart from God to help you get something. Let me ask you this: Why not just go to God for that thing you need?
There are some legitimate answers to that question. You might be rightfully afraid God won’t give it to you, and decide you want it anyway, thereby placing your own will above God’s, perhaps believing you know better than God what’s good for you. Or, if you do not have a close relationship with your Creator, then you may not be comfortable in approaching Him. Perhaps you are aware of what a horrible sinner you are and don’t think He will listen to you. Maybe you are embarrassed to face Him. But the Bible tells us we will all face Him one day. It is much better to do it now! Wouldn’t you like to face Him with joy and love in your heart, rather than fear and condemnation?
The good news is that God loves you so much He is even now trying to get you to turn to Him. He does not want to lose you to the demonic forces in the spiritual war being waged all around us. That’s why you are reading this right now. In Jesus’ time the religious leaders scorned him for dining with notorious sinners. Jesus plainly told them that that’s who he came for. He came for sinners; he came for you and me. You are not beyond God’s reach. The finished work of Christ on the cross did not fail. All you have to do is turn to him with a sincere heart and ask for forgiveness. Your sins are not that special. You are whom God sent His Son to die for and redeem. All you have to do is accept the sacrifice made on your behalf.
Steve McQueen, one of the most iconic Hollywood legends, was an unbeliever who came to faith in Christ through a series of remarkable circumstances. I encourage you to get the book below and read the account for yourself. He was just like you and me. Reading his story may help you much more than Feng Shui ever could.

Steve McQueen book

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