How to Feng Shui your House

Smart decorating vs. the spiritual power of the chi

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Yes, Feng Shui works - but at what cost?

If you are looking for some quick Feng Shui tips for your home, boy did you ever come to the right page. It is no accident you are here. You might not think so at first glance, so please hear me out. My name is Andrew, and about 15 years ago I became an expert in using the Bagua map on your left to make my house Feng Shui compliant. Once you get the basics down, it is really pretty easy.

What I didn’t realize at the time, however, is that there is a much better way to accomplish what I was trying to do. Let’s face it, there is a reason you want to dabble in Feng Shui. You are seeking to improve certain areas of your life – most likely your health or finances. Using Feng Shui to accomplish this just might work, but there is a major drawback to it. You are opening the doors to mysticism, and, as a result, demonic powers will be invited into your house. Sure, your living room will look snazzy from the human eye -- but from the spiritual realm it will be seen as it really is: death decorated. Don't call me crazy. After all, you believe placing certain elements and colors in the back left section of your home will improve your finances. And I'm not arguing that point one bit.

This is no joke. Take it from someone who did this stuff. The Feng Shui actually works – but at what price? Are you willing to sell your very soul for improved finances and health? Because that’s what you are messing around with. Demonic powers are delighted to have you put your faith in this stuff and never open your Bible. They will give you what you are asking for if they think it will keep you away from God.
Look, there is nothing wrong with cleaning up the clutter in your house and arranging your furniture in a way that flows well. Positioning your desk so it faces the door of your office so no one can sneak up on you is good sound advice about furniture arrangement. But when you place red colors in the back of your house to improve your reputation, and an indoor garden with candles in middle of your house to improve your health, that isn’t much different than what a voodoo witch-doctor in some jungle somewhere does. You just shouldn’t be fooling with this, as it is strictly forbidden by God in the Bible.
Seriously, it’s scary. When you put your hope in spiritual power outside of God, you are practicing witchcraft and inviting demonic forces into your life - because, as the Bible explains, those are the only other kind of spiritual powers which exist. It's good or evil; there are no neutral spiritual powers. And the procedure for soliciting from the good is firmly established. While the immediate gratification of using mystical tactics such as Feng Shui may seem appealing, in the end it’s a trap. Please, please, please don’t go there.
As mentioned above, there is a better way. It’s called prayer, and it is the method sanctioned by God. Take it from a guy who has tried both! Most people do not understand the true power of prayer – even devout Christians. That is why I am recommending you buy the book below: Prayer, Our Glorious Privilege by the late Pastor Chuck Smith. I promise it will blow your mind, and you will be wielding power you never thought possible - though probably not in the way you think right now. Getting your heart right with God is the first step. He will then listen to your supplications. Yes, the all-powerful being who created life, the universe, and everything will be attentive to your requests and help you in ways beyond your understanding. Get this book today, and run -- don't walk -- away from the powers of darkness beckoning you away from the God who loves you so much he sent his only Son to die in your place...

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